About HMR Destinations

HMR Destinations was created to fill the ever expanding network of destination work of HMR Designs, which produces top local weddings and celebrations.

With more than 40 years of experience as one of the nation’s premier event design firms, we at HMR Destinations believe that the event experience should be as unique as the people behind them. In addition to our incredible creative design talent, our 200,000 square foot warehouses play host to team members with decades of experience in graphic design, 3D art production, floral design, atmospheric lighting design, carpentry and welding, upholstery, scenic design and a multitude of other curated skill sets, all focused on event design. It is through the artful integration of these capabilities that unforgettable events are made.

Rishi Patel

Chief Creative Officer/CEO

Named one of the top Wedding and Event Designers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar, VOGUE, Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings, along with being recognized as Top 40 under 40, Rishi remains one of the most highly coveted event designers among discerning clientele and notable figures alike. An advocate for fully transformative design, he specializes in celebrations of all kinds – all while adhering to the firm belief that service and guest experience are the cornerstone to great events and the definition of true luxury. From galas, to weddings, to milestone celebrations, any event is in his wheelhouse.

As much of a creative visionary as an astute business leader, Rishi’s insistence on unconventionality has continuously transformed the landscape of event design while granting him the honor of designing events for some of the most notable figures, families and organizations in the world.

A loyal Chicago native and avid traveler, Rishi regularly seeks inspiration from whatever cultural landscape he can find himself in. The destination event and wedding world has allowed Rishi and the HMR team to embrace so many incredible regions and pockets of the world to create spectacular events. Regardless of the marvelous adventures in design that await him, Rishi will always consider himself an artist at heart.

Our team

Brittanie Ahrens


Brittanie began her career as a wedding planner in Chicago and transitioned to HMR to pursue her interest in design. Her experience in event planning makes for a harmonious balance between creativity and logistics. Her power to connect these elements creates effortless installations with a show stopping outcome.

Brittanie’s greatest inspiration is her clients. The most fulfilling aspect of her role as a designer is the ability to bring a client’s vision to life. Brittanie always goes the extra mile by adding personalized touches. She is known for her amazing vendor relationships and making sure all clients feel informed and included throughout the process. She believes that anything can be accomplished with a positive attitude, high energy, and quick thinking.

Nick Finley

Senior Producer

After completing his degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Nick Finley followed his passion for creative design and ventured into Chicago. After some successful years working in the visual display industry, Nick joined HMR Designs as one of Rishi’s Event Producers. Now a Senior Event Producer, Nick continues to spearhead design efforts for projects as well as oversee creative ideas. His ability to seamlessly pair creativity and logistics allows him to successfully oversee multiple projects at a time.

Nick Finely is well aware of how the design industry is constantly evolving and his innate instinct to adapt on the fly gives Rishi’s team an inherent advantage within the industry. His relatability and willingness to allow creatives to work in their own process allows for everyone to execute their jobs the way they think is the most efficient. Consistency is key for Nick – his ability to reliably stay ahead of the curve at all times leads to an extremely successful end product.

Staci Miller


After starting her career in Interior Design, Staci Miller strove for work with even more creativity and freedom. She began her work with HMR Designs as a graphic designer and learned that event design can be more transient and artistic – exploring the glory and freedom in the temporary nature of an event existing wholly within a single day or weekend. Finding this enthralling, Staci transitioned into working as an Event Producer and eventually made her way to designing. Her extensive and diverse background with every aspect of the design process – from concept to production – alongside her expertise in interior and graphic design gives her an informed and unparalleled perspective and individuality that she brings to each of her projects.

Staci takes inspiration from each project, past and present, from her adoration of people and their unique passions, from the ever-changing industry, and from the beauty around her. Turning her clients’ ideas into reality feeds her desire to create – she will never love a feeling more than watching a couple see their vision come to fruition for the first time.

Samantha Radel

Senior Producer

Born and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, Samantha attended University of Iowa to pursue a major in Marketing with a focus on Sales. During her time at University, she garnered experience within the design industry through internships and eventually attained a certification in Event Planning. A trailblazer from the start, she became the first talent to be hired at HMR Designs straight out of college, a testament to her exceptional abilities and potential.

Now a seasoned senior event producer, Samantha stands at the helm of her team, an invaluable asset driving their collective success. Her innate talent for fostering seamless collaboration and synergy has become the cornerstone of each design’s triumph, elevating every event to new heights. When the months of tireless work and meticulous planning culminate in breathtaking spectacles, witnessing her team’s visions come to life fills Samantha’s cup. To her, the hard work and dedication invested in each project are unequivocally worth it.

Hadley Saute


From event project management to the catering industry, Hadley’s held countless positions under the umbrella of the event industry. Her expansive knowledge of the industry makes her indispensable as an event producer. Hadley excels in marrying structure and organization with fluidity and creativity both in the office and on-site.

For Hadley, the most exciting element of the job is the opportunity to experience destinations across the globe and to tackle every day with enthusiasm and adaptability. Her positive outlook and can-do attitude allow her to thrive in the fast paced environment of luxury events and installations. Hadley is focused on learning as much as she can from her colleagues, the places she visits, and the amazing events she works on. Her never-ending desire to improve and learn encourages her to strive daily to become the best asset to her team she can be.

Bari Singh


With 30 years of experience in the event industry, Bari has a unique perspective on how to make events meaningful. She got her first taste of working in design when she picked up a few hours of work through Botanicals, an early iteration of HMR Designs. Bari gained experience at various event companies throughout Chicagoland and eventually made her way back home to HMR Designs. She takes great pride in the relationships she’s built along her journey through this industry.

What inspires Bari in her day-to-day life also inspires her designs; colors, travel, cuisine, love, art, fashion and most importantly, connection. Collaboration and connection are the fuel to her fire. Bari has mastered the art of conveying a message through light, botanicals, textiles, really any visual element she can grab on to. The underlying factor to her designs is undeniable fun. Even if it’s a branded corporate event for 800, she finds a way to turn it upside down and around, and maybe even add a sequin. With a Bari event, you can always count on an abundance of color and whimsy.

Jason Williquette


Born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, Jason started helping out in his aunt’s flower shop at a young age, where he made his first boutonnieres and corsages by the time he was eight. He continued his passion in the floral field and inevitably grew an interest in the ephemeral beauty of weddings and events. This rich history of working with florals helped propel him into the event industry – crafting florals by hand, shopping in the flower markets, and even growing his own garden, his extensive knowledge makes his creations truly bespoke.

Jason is inspired by the infinite possibility to create. Hearing a client’s vision, then enhancing it, so that it’s better than they could have dreamed is what he excels at and strives for. With over 15 years of professional design experience, Jason excels in large-scale, experiential installations, and ethereal floral arrangements.

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